What do you want to learn on the piano? 

Do you want to learn to play the piano well? On CourseSpots we offer you an overview of the piano teachers in your area. You can compare which private piano lesson suits you best, read more information about the piano teacher, ask a question without obligation and book directly. Discover the piano lessons for beginners to advanced students and book a lesson right away.


During a piano lesson you learn different skills and techniques that are necessary to play the piano. Below you will find a number of skills and techniques that are usually covered during piano lessons:

  1. Music theory: During piano lessons you learn to read musical notes, time signatures, keys, rhythms and other music theoretical aspects that are necessary to understand and play music.

  2. Technique: You will learn the proper technique for playing the piano, including hand positions, fingerings, scales, chords, arpeggios, and other techniques needed to play the piano.

  3. Repertoire: You learn to play different pieces and songs, ranging from classical music to pop music and jazz. This may vary depending on the student's personal preferences and interests.

  4. Hearing and Improvisation: Some piano teachers also focus on developing the student's hearing and improvisational skills, which allows them to play music without sheet music and be creative with their own musical ideas.

All these skills together ensure that the student is able to play the piano and enjoy making music. It is important to remember that piano lessons are a gradual process and it takes time to develop these skills. Regular practice and commitment is therefore essential for success in learning the piano.

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