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I am a BA student at Leiden University, Urban Studies. The study that I do is related to cities – something that encompasses many different disciplines. That's why I myself am interested in many different things at the same time.

I grew up in Moscow which gives me a very different and exciting perspective on life. I also did IB DP, which is an international high school program that is acknowledged by the leading world universities (I scored 41 out of 45, where 38 is a grade accepted by UCL, Harvard, etc.)

I fluently speak Dutch, Russian, and English, and I speak Spanish on a C1 level. I am comfortable giving classes in these languages so feel free to contact me in any one of them!

I am also very flexible. Because I am a student myself I understand how challenging studying can be. Yet I am super motivated about teaching, as I only teach subjects that I am very passionate about. Thus, I am always happy to adjust my teaching style and contents to your liking – as long as it helps you to learn the material better!

My ultimate aim is to make classes fun – as soon as they aren't, make sure to tell me! Fun, however, does not cancel out efficient studying – it does the opposite. I am convinced that a flexible and enjoyable learning process can help everyone to achieve their goals as fast as possible!

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