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About me

Hola Hola! 👋

I am Paula, 29 years old from Colombia. I am an English and Spanish teacher and I have been teaching for over 5 years. I have wide experience in educational settings (preschool, primary, high school, and private academies).

I consider myself a super charismatic, flexible, and caring teacher, I make sure that the students feel comfortable with my classes as well as to full fill their necessities.

I must confess that I am so passionate about intercultural exchanges, this is what excites me the most at the time of teaching. As I feel super proud of my cultural background, I would be more than happy to share it with my students as long as they desire. That, with the intention to not only teach a language but the background and the reason the language is used in certain ways.

This is my second time in the Netherlands, this time the intention is to stay. So I am studying Dutch very hard my level is between A1-A2.

How are the classes with teacher Paula?

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Are you looking for online Spanish or English lessons, let me know!

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Education & Experience


BA in English, French, and Spanish
MA in Technology-mediated language teaching and learning


Concerning my teaching career, I have worked teaching English from Kindergarten to high school as well as higher educational institutions with undergraduate students and professionals. Such experience has provided me with abilities to create and innovate the classroom by contributing significantly to students’ second language acquisition.





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