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Hallo allemaal,

Ik ben Monica uit China. Ik woon al vijf jaar in Nederland. I got my Master degree in University of Manchester. In the past 20 years, I mainly work as Marketing in the herb business. Now I work as a teacher to teach local born children mandarin in Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland.

Due to corona, we had online les for almost two years. I have full experience to teach Mandarin, my pronunciation is quite standard without accent or dialect. Further, I utilize different tools Like Kahoot, Wordwall and Classdojo to design learning games and organize in-class and after-class activities.

I'm very good at communication, can always figure out a proper way to communicate with different people. I like teaching, hope more and more people can enjoy the beauty of Chinese culture through learning Chinese language.

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Education & Experience


I got my Master of Science at University of Manchester. And I also obtained the Chinese Teacher Diploma in China.
Learning language is the best way to understand history and culture of another nation. It is also the valuable tool to enhance mutual undemanding and tolerance. I’m eager to have the chance to share my course and my knowledge about Chinese language and the splendid history and culture of China.


I’m enthusiastic about teaching. I always try to find a better solution to teach and organise correspondent courses content based on different students specific demand. I excel at game design as well, like Kahoot, Wordwall and classdojo, to make the courses attractive and dynamic. I’m very good at communication, can always figure out the most appropriate way to communicate with people from different background.


Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nedeland



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