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About me

I’ve been in the gym environment since I was a child, thanks to my father who was a coach and the owner of a gym.

I had worked as a Personal Trainer at the gym and in my personal studio for 4 years, then I started training people also through online fitness coaching, treating many different cases such as:
-postural issues,
-body reconstruction,
-strength & speed developing,
-fat loss,
-mobility & flexibility improvement,
-sport performance upgrading.

Something about me: I would define myself as an open-minded person. I am curious, dynamic and passionate, always working on becoming the best version of myself. I am a direct and transparent person.
I'm a professional hiphop dancer and teacher too, I love every form of art expression.
My objective is to help you to achieve your goals in the best way ;) I hope to work with you soon.
You can also check out my Instagram to see some of my clients's results and some training tips.

- For who is this class: age 18+ open to all fitness levels, I required only one thing: DESIRE TO IMPROVE!

- What will students learn? Exercise skills, technique, nutrition skills, meals prep, stress management and improve sleep quality. You will learn how to lose fat and build muscle in a way that suits for you.

- How will they learn this? You will learn it by frontal lessons with me, online or physically.

- What materials do you use / they need? Your body to start and your motivation to change yourself.

- Will they get homework? Yes, I'll do also "fitness homework".

- What makes your classes unique? I put a lot of passion in my job and I love also make it funny, resist to fatigue with a big smile in your face! :) You'll learn a lot of stuffs useful for your entire life.

- What is the result after an X amount of classes? 3 months to: gain muscles, lose fat, improve skills, upgrade your health, stick on your diet and much more.

- What makes your classes worth your price? I spent a lot of money and time (I'm spending actually) on my education.

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Education & Experience


To deepen my knowledge on this subject, I chose the Exercise Science course at the University of Padua, where I obtained a three-years bachelor degree. I’ve developed a strong passion for Human and Sport Nutrition too. As you know, Sport and Nutrition are intrinsic subjects ;)

And now I’m doing a pilates mat academy in Amsterdam at K/C MOVE.


I’ve worked like a personal coach since the last 4 years:
- I’ve joined my personal online coaching project during the covid and now I’m working like a digital nomad, I can follow clients and get them in shape only with a pc!
- I've also worked like 1to1 live coach and in the gym as a fitness instructor.



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