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I am a professional full-time Chinese Mandarin teacher from the North of China where Mandarin comes from.
I have been teaching for about 10 years as a teacher. I have my own school and website for studying Chinese. Students' ages are from 3 to adults. They are from all over the world. You can study with me online / come to my office /Go-home lessons. Classes can be one-to-one or group classes.

I have been helping numerous people learn to speak Chinese and do exam HSK. Children always have fun learning Mandarin with me. I teach Mandarin for business purposes, traveling, YCT (for Children and teenagers), BCT (business Chinese), Conversational practice, Advanced level Chinese classes, etc. Any levels are all welcome.
Classes type:
Daily Chinese
HSK class: Level 1--Level 6
HSKK class: HSK speaking test (Beginner to advanced)
Chinese grammar class
BCT / Startup Business in China: Business Chinese (Beginner to Advanced)
YCT class: Level 1--Level 6 for children to teenagers
Easy steps to Chinese: 3-12 years old children
There are some other classes that welcome you to message me.

I grew up and had an education in China. I moved to Europe for teaching Chinese in 2019 Nov.
I am fun, active, very patient, and responsible. I have never come late to all of my classes for more than 10 years.
For children's classes, I prepare songs, videos, cartoons, teaching, and explaining at the same time, They learn really fast and never feel bored when they are excited with a fun teacher and materials. I believe that interest is the best teacher. So I try my best to prepare before classes and send materials after classes to students.

The classes can be taught in Chinese, English.
1. Before class, you can download zoom or other software you would like to use, you can message me.
2. All the levels of PowerPoint and materials I will prepare for you. Just let me know your level of Chinese and what is the main parts you want to improve. For example, spoken Chinese, reading and writing Chinese, HSK exam, Children's class, etc. If you have your own materials this is also welcome.
3. After every class, I will send you what we have learned in the class, videos(some recordings of my voice to read the book and explanation), pdf, etc. You can use it for review. Most students use these after class if they don't have sound materials they can't remember exactly the sentences or words' pronunciation.
4. In adult classes, I would like you to take notes if you don't mind.

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Education & Experience


Northeast Normal University ---In the north of China.
Dalian foreign languages university (English training for 3 years)
Dutch and German courses ( Dutch learning for 2 years)


I have taught more than 10 years of teaching from 3 years old children to adults.
Run a language school in the North of China and Europe.


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