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About me

Hello! My name is Mariapaola, and I am from Italy. I am a certified teacher of the Italian language to foreigners.

Since January, I have lived in the Netherlands to be part of the European Solidarity Corps project. Here I teach Italian, English, and Russian to highly gifted children in a primary school.

I love teaching and transmitting my passion for languages and cultures because I believe we can overcome cultural barriers and become world citizens with this knowledge. I fell in love with this job when I was in the United States for my internship, when I had the chance to be a language tutor at the University of Buffalo. Since then, I have done private lessons, and when I went to Russia for my Erasmus, I had the chance to teach Italian to adults.

I have experience in teaching languages to people of all ages and levels. Thanks to my young students, during this year, I could widen my horizons of teaching methods. I found out how creative you should be in teaching a language and how fun it is to do it.

I am committed to my job and always have clear objectives to enhance cooperative work
and encourage thinking and reflection. I like to take inspiration from my students' questions to improve constantly. So Do not hesitate to ask questions during the lessons.

I can't wait to have new students. Please reach out if you are interested or have any questions.

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Education & Experience


certified Italian language teacher
masters degree in English and Russian


I have 4 years experience of teaching languages. English, Russian and Italian.



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