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María del Carmen

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About me

I am Mexican, from a city called León, in the state of Guanajuato. Before moving to the Netherlands I lived on two beautiful beaches in Mexico, from end to end: on the Pacific coast and on the Caribbean coast.

When I came to live in the Netherlands I started to study Dutch, but something very curious happened: the more I studied it, the closer I got to my native language, comparing it with Dutch, looking for logic and similarities between one and the other. Yes, I assure you there are!

This path made me get into learning methods, so I decided to go back to school and fulfill my dream as a child: studying to be a Spanish teacher! , which I did at the Instituto Cervantes, in that beautiful building in Utrecht.

What happened later is that I fell in love with teaching Spanish, studying and teaching has been tremendously satisfactory, especially when I discovered methods that are compatible with my ideology, which in a few words is: Meaningful teaching where it is not only taught a language but a culture is shared.

I am also a DELE A1 examiner and I continue with refresher courses, from pedagogical methods to workshops for creating materials.

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