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About me

Welcome to my profile. I am a photographer, graphic designer, video-maker, but also and maybe even more so a creative and story-teller.

I use photography and related arts to document, illuminate and share people’s stories. In doing so, I aim to contribute to a more compassionate and connected world. The story is priority in my work, technology secondary, even though I am also not immune to chasing sceneries and shades of light (and dark) that generate contrast and meaning.

A little about my own personal background. I started my life in Tougan, a small village in Burkina Faso, and stayed until my thirteenth with my parents in West Africa, including 8 years in Lome (Togo) and 4 years in Bamako (Mali). I still remember so much from those formative first years, the smell of the rain, the red soils, the street life, the warmth of the extended family around us. After we left, I got my professional education in the Netherlands, where I am based.

I want my work to be engaged, not so much in the sense of documenting stories of deprivation and social or ecological injustice, but through exposure of personal stories of resilience, activism, humanity, and togetherness.

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