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About me

My name is Iskra and I come from Croatia. Ever since my first language teaching job in 2015, I have been finding ways to make the learning experience interesting and enjoyable.

My language-learning journey began as early as the age of three, when I attended my first English lesson. With time, my love for languages evolved and lead me to start studying languages and literature on a professional level, at university, where I took up French and Russian. However, the journey didn't end there - I continued challenging myself, and right now I'm improving my Italian and trying to learn Dutch.

On a greater scale, the spark for languages is intertwined with the fascination with culture and ways of human expression. Learning a new language unlocks a new way of thinking and knowing the world, and I'm happy to be able to help unlock those gates into the unknown when instructing my students. Be it English, French, Russian, or Croatian, the effort invested in learning a new language is your gift to yourself that only gets better with time.

In my free time, I like doing yoga and writing poetry. In 2019, I paused my studies and purchased a one-way ticket to India where I did my 200-hours yoga teacher training. Traveling and getting out of my comfort zone are important contributors to my development, both as a person and as a teacher. Learning grammar and reading texts is nice, but how cool would it be to talk about your favorite trip in French?

I am here to help you achieve your language goals. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message :)

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Education & Experience


My language-learning journey started as early as the age of three, when I attended my first English lesson. Throughout my early years, I started taking additional lessons in French and German, which was the ourverture to my university schooling in philology.

I finished a double bachelor's degree in French and Russian languages and literature at the University of Zagreb, infused with a semester of Russian studies abroad at Vilnius University.


I have worked as a self-employed teacher and tutor for the past three years, focusing primarily on teaching French and English to non-natives.

I got my first teaching job when I was in high school. The owner of the foreign language school where I was attending English classes asked me to give lessons to a student who needed help with German. This experience propelled my language-teaching journey, which led me to be a freelance tutor here today.

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