İbrahim Okan

İbrahim Okan

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Hi! I am an English teacher and a research professional in philosophy. I am also experienced in helping people to develop their early career skills for job hunting. These skills include but are not limited to learning how to write brief and influential motivation letters, preparing a smart-looking CV according to the requirements of the position you are interested in, and learning the essential tips for job interviews. In CourseSpots, I provide online English language courses for Turkish-speaking students and a special course on "How to Build Early Career Skills." So far, as an English teacher, I have worked at the Turkish American Association and some state schools in Turkey. In addition to these, I gave private courses to several students of Bilkent University, TED College and regular high schools. Currently, I am conducting postdoctoral research at Utrecht University as a philosopher. I got my MA, BA and PhD degrees from the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara/Turkey, and I got my English Language Teaching Certificate from Hacettepe University.

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