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About me

Hi, there!

My name is Cristina. I’m a native Spanish speaker. Born and raised in Ecuador. Ecuadorian father and Colombian mother. and I’d love to help you with your Spanish.

I live in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I am studying Marketing Digital and Psychology applied to business growth. I speak Spanish, English and Dutch. I live to talk about culture, history. I am also passionate about topics such as: marketing, fashion, personal development and the Latin Culture in general.

I have been teaching Spanish for about seven years. Why should you choose me as a tutor? I love teaching Spanish and cultural exchange. Besides, I prepared myself to become proficient in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We learn in a funny way, that is for sure.

I can help you improve your Spanish, especially if you want to travel, move or study in a country where Spanish is spoken of or if you want to make a simple presentation about yourself.

My method has to do with focusing on discovering what kind of person you are, how you learn best and creating a personalized program to meet your goals. We will set daily goals. We plan your time day by day. We'll set a schedule.

I use different resources such as play roles, conversation, grammar books, reading texts, videos. Book a lesson with me and I'll show you!

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Education & Experience


- Methodology for the development of academic projects.
- Methodology for teaching ELE. Spanish as a second language.
- Methodology of teaching Spanish for adults.


I am a Spanish teacher since 2014.


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