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About me

Hi, I am Ester.

I have a true passion for teaching!! Helping my students in all areas of their language development—writing, listening, reading, and speaking—is a challenge that I enjoy. I am a creative person who loves to learn languages too. So, my philosophy is to live the language.

Personally, I have been living in Utrecht since 2017 and have a fantastic cat who is 10-year-old and her name is Lulu. We love to watch series and movies together. I also enjoy reading (I love books), cooking vegan receipt, music, gardening, bouldering, and spending time with friends and family. I like to draw sometimes, but I guess I would like to have more time to improve it. And, I enjoy a lot to plan trips and discover new places where I live.

My second passion is traveling. I have lived in several countries. Firstly, to complete my studies, I went to Tunisia, Yemen, Marocco, Jordan, and Egypt. Although, I like to visit other countries for relaxing and having fun too.

Everywhere I have lived, I have learned something, and what I can say from my years living in Utrecht is that I can enjoy better autumn and winter. I used to say that my favorite season is summer, but I kind of like to sit and read a book on a cold evening, or just have an online class. It makes me happy :)

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Education & Experience


I have two long-bachelor degrees, in Arabic Studies and Translation and Interpreter (Arabic- English-Spanish) from the University of Granada (Spain). Also, I have attended different courses related to teaching Spanish at Instituto Cervantes (Amman- Cairo- Utrecht).


I started teaching Spanish in 2012 in Cairo, where I founded Allugat Spanish Center. I also taught Ain Shams and 6th October universities (Cairo) different subjects related to the Spanish language and culture. In 2017, I moved to the Netherlands where I live since then. I teach Spanish mainly online or offline in Utrecht. I attended several courses at Instituto Cervantes for teaching Spanish, and I am a certified examiner of DELE exams by Instituto Cervantes (Utrecht).



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