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The Social Hub

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About me

As of 2022 we are now known as The Social Hub - but do you know why?

It all began when Charlie decided: Students deserve better.

We built The Student Hotel, a place for young people to find their purpose and change the world, to shape the future.

As our community grew, we grew with them – evolving into a hybrid space with hotel rooms for tourists, co-living for travellers, coworking for digital nomads and a creative playground for entrepreneurs and locals.

Roll on The Social Hub...
It is who we truly are – our why, our how, and our what.

-Our Why - Together, we create a better society
-Our How - We connect people through meaningful and fun experiences 
-Our What - We build spaces to learn, stay, work and play

The Social Hub sees our community through a new lens. A movement of people changing society for the better.

A hub to learn, stay, work, and play. We connect people through experiences, opening doors to the city like never before. We serve and empower our vibrant, diverse community. We show people the time of their lives. Together, we create a better society.  

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