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About me

My name is Beata, I’m 33 years old and live in Amsterdam. I’m a coach and business consultant. My purpose is to empower others, help them become the best version of themselves and build the life they desire. My greatest achievement is becoming a self-confident and empowered person after years of being the opposite.

Because of my desire to live differently than I was taught, I was able to reprogram my brain and nervous system to create the life of my dreams. Everything that I needed in order to become the person I am today was within me all along, I simply needed to find it. Now I can help You find it, recognize the patterns and create a new reality. In my coaching and workshops I provide you with hard and soft skills that you need in order to succeed. My approach is based on Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) that assists in creating more positive feelings and changing our thoughts. As a result, we’re able to connect more effectively with ourselves and others.

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Education & Experience


International Business en Management (afgerond)
HBO opleiding Bedrijfspsychologie (afgerond)


Mijn professionele carrière heeft plaatsgevonden in finance, klantenservice, quality assurance en coaching.
5 jaar ervaring met coaching en training



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