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About me

My name is Adi.

I'm a visual artist.

I began my formal studies in 1996 at Camera Obscure - The School of Art in Tel Aviv, Israel and from there
I continued my studies in 2000 at the SVA School of Visual.
Arts, New York.

For the past 26 years I have embraced traditional art photography. Learning the basics, the chemistry and the magic of the camera frame by frame. The amount of artistic material I have accumulated over the course of a lifetime devoted to art is digitalised and through #NFT contracts is all available on various #NFT platforms, such as and

My photography style is very diverse.
Is an editorial fashion and portrait photographer.
My style is influenced by Analog and digital. Traditional and contemporary, colors, Femininity, music, and an eclectic, cultural mix.
My work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, imagery, or just the perfect light.

My experience wed nft start until the year of 2020 when I did a research to find a way to sell My artwork
I look for an authenticity certificate form so I could give it to the art Buyers to keep with the art piece.
Proof of one of a kind art creation.

I found three letters called NFT which mean non-fungible token.
Doze three letters open me to a whole new world of technology and art,
A very secure way to store information, A smart contract. which I can store in the blockchain.

I learn about a new Revolution emerging in front of our eyes!
I learn and discover a whole new language, and terminology,
And I'm still learning every day.

When I started I had to learn all by myself.
It can be overwhelming to find all the information.
To make it easy for artist that want to start  and learn the basics of NFT, how to create NFT, How to open digital wallet, how to open your page on open sea.

I want to pass on the basic knowledge to start in the NFT world.
Give the tools to help artists to start swimming in the NFT water.

 In 2022 I woz participate in a group of 37 female photographers from all over the world, displayed both physically and virtually in Metaverse.

WE THE WOMEN Group exhibition at the Universal Expo in Dubai (2022). Metaverse interview about my work done (2022).
 My NFT was sold at The Agora NFT marketplace.
@agora.awards @consensysofficial @expo2020dubai @clammag 

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Education & Experience


Twenty-seven years of experience in artistic photography, casting, styling, fashion productions, portraits, editing, training, and teaches photography workshops for children, teenagers, and adults.
In addition, teaching students to act standing in front of a camera.


photographer & Course "Alchemy Studio wet plate collodion process" by artist Rachel Erez
2016 Wet plate collodion process Workshop By Rustam Bayramov
2014 – 2017 Shenkar - Engineering. Design. ArtExternal Studies, Patternmaking
2000 – 2001 School of Visual Arts, New York City, Photography studioes
1996 – 2000 Art Photography studies, Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv
1995 – 1997 Fashion design, Miriam School of Design in Tel Aviv
1994 – 1995 Private Realistic painting lessons



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