You have received a booking! What now?

How nice that you have received a booking for one of the activities you offer. We have listed the next steps, including a number of tips, for you. Such as how to communicate with the booker and how to confirm a time.

Your bookings

You can find the details of your bookings in your Teacher Dashboard under the bookings heading. When you click on the reference number, you will see all the details. It is good to know that the lesson has been booked on the basis of the general booking conditions and has already been paid for by the student.

Your communication with the booker

You can send the booker a message through your message inbox. Your message inbox can be found in the teacher dashboard. You can easily type and send a message here. The booker receives a notification when a new message is ready. It may be good to know that the booker has already received an automatically generated message on your behalf from the platform with the following text.

“Thank you for your booking! I will contact you soon. You can view your booking by clicking on the attached link.

The booker therefore expects another message from you for more details about the next steps regarding the booking.

  • Tip 1: Follow this up as soon as possible.
  • Tip 2: Try to make the message personal and friendly :-)

Booking workshop or course

In case your booking concerns a course or workshop, the date is already fixed.

  • Tip 3: Confirm the booking, date and exact class location. And name the next steps and, if applicable, any materials, additional material costs, parking tips, etc.

Private booking for a private lesson, coaching or tutoring

In the booking information you will find exactly what has been purchased, the number of lessons, the location and which lessons. Because the date and time are not yet definitively fixed here, then indicate which option you have for the student to schedule the lessons.

  • Tip 4: make sure that your agenda is always up to date, this is what the booker assumed.
  • Tip 5: communicate the various options in your email and ask which date is convenient for the student.

The student can now indicate which date they prefer so that you can schedule this in your calendar. When you have set a date via the message service, you can schedule the activities in your calendar.

Scheduling the booker's activity for a private lesson, coaching or tutoring

In your booking overview, click on the booking number. You will now see a page with the lesson information and you will also see the total number of lessons that have been booked. You can schedule your lessons from here. The agenda symbol is still red and means that the lesson has not yet been finalised.

  • You can only schedule a lesson if you have actually specified your availability on that day and time 
  • Click on the calendar icon and enter the date and time you have agreed or want to propose.
  • The booker will now receive a notification that you have proposed a date and the system will ask you to confirm this. You can see if the date has been confirmed because the calendar will turn green.

The lessons are scheduled. These are now also visible in your dashboard and in your agenda.
CourseSpots now knows that the lessons are scheduled and when we can proceed with payment.

  • TIP6: Make sure that you immediately plan the entire series of lessons at the start. (e.g. every Monday at 6:00 PM) Then everyone knows where you stand and it's easier to enter:-) You can always make changes afterwards.

Reviews and Ratings

After each lesson, a student is given the opportunity to rate your lessons. This gives you insight into how a participant experiences your activities, but this rating also ends up with your offer online so that other interested parties can also be helped in their choice.

  • Tip 7: Always request a rating and review from your student for your own insight but also the rating will be shared on your profile

Please contact us if you would like to receive any furhter assitance or have any other questions.