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About me

My name is Evgenia Koltyzhenko, and I'm thrilled to say this is my 16th year of teaching English as a Foreign Language. I grew up in Krasnodar, Russia, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Education from Kuban State University in 2005. In 2006 I moved to Israel where I got my EFL (English Foreign Language) teaching certificate from Levinsky College of Education with a current teaching license. I began my teaching career at Rashish Junior High School. Later I worked in Omer Primary School and then found a position as an EFL teacher in Geva School where I worked for 7 years until my family and I moved to Rotterdam in February 2022. Currently, I live in Rotterdam with my husband and two kids. I enjoy exercising, listening to music, reading, and spending time with my family.
Why do I love teaching?
I liked teaching kids from the very beginning mostly for the amazing ideas and perspectives they have. It’s fascinating to hear how they approach problems and explain concepts in their own words. I love the creative ideas they come up with. In addition, I love to teach, but I also love to learn — and teaching in public school offered me lots of opportunities for learning. The teacher also allowed me to be creative. I love creating new fun ways for kids to grasp and practice. I can turn spelling practice into a game or get kids moving as they learn new vocabulary. I can use music to get kids engaged. I get to be dramatic when reading a story. I believe in motivating pupils and not just drilling the material so I create lessons that are interesting enough to capture the attention of all students (even the most challenging) and keep them interested in learning more. I teach the proper use of the English language, grammar, spelling, and writing skills through different songs, games, riddles, and interactive applications like Quizlet, Kahoot, live worksheets, Lyricstraing, etc. Finally, it may be a cliché that teachers make a difference, but it’s true and I am always glad to learn what a difference I’ve made in a particular student’s life and that always feels great! So I also always try to offer every student as much individual attention as possible, I believe in creating a personal connection with every pupil.

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Education & Experience


I hold a master’s degree in Education from Kuban State University and an EFL (English Foreign Language) teaching certificate from Levinsky College of Education with a current teaching license from Israel. Moreover, I have completed various courses that focused on classroom management and preparation. I speak fluently in three languages: English, Hebrew, and Russian. Additionally, I understand Ukrainian, so some students may benefit from my knowledge.


I've taught English as a foreign language for the last 15 years in public schools in Israel until this February (28/02/2022) when I moved to Rotterdam with my family. My work at school was centered around planning and implementing lessons that consisted of skill-building techniques for reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, I always encouraged individual practice, rewarded efforts and participation in different projects, and facilitated the independence of learners.