CourseSpots wants to make 'life long learning' possible for everybody. Are you in?

Together we are building towards making 'life long learning'accesible for everybody, disregarding background or level of education. Taking part in extra curiculaire activaties can be very valuable to development in childeren. It can better school performance, social growth and increases social involvement. A lot of underprivilegde youth does not get the chance to participate in extra curiculaire activaties. Most of the time money is the issue.

We are going to do something about this! Are you in?  Reach out to us and maybe we will see eachother in the next brainstorm!


The SDG's of the United Nations

In 2015 the united nations set up a couple of goals, 17 to be exact. Thse are meant to create a 'sustainable society'. these SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) strive towards a sustainable and inclulsive society for all. The main goals are education and equal chances living a healthy life. For us these are the most important goals:

  • [SDG 4] Quality of education
  • [SDG 5] Gender equality
  • [SDG 8] Honesty and economic growth
  • [SDG 10] Reducing inequality

We believe everyone should be able to follow a good education and further develope personally. At this moment this is not possible for everyone. We would like to change that!


    Keep learning

    CourseSpots wants to support the youth in finding and developing their talents. We want the youth to be its own acvocate. The younger generation listens to their peers, so when one is doing something new ( in this case developing a new skill or talent) the rest will follow.

    CourseSpots wants to do this by creating an accesible methode which will help vulnerable youth with developing their talents (sports, languag, music and creativaty) and their social involvement.