Learning new things is important, and fun!

At least that’s what we think. That is why we want to make learning ánd teaching as accessible, easy and fun as possible. For everyone.

  • Our vision: lifelong learning

    By continuing to learn you progress, you feel better and you can also help others further.
  • Our vision: Live learning

    Online learning is convenient but not enough: you'll learn faster, better and have more fun live.
  • Our vision: Local offer

    You don't have to travel far to learn: in your area you will find many teachers and students.

Inspiring platform voor students and teachers

You'll find all kinds of courses, lessons and workshops for personal development, sports and leisure activities on CourseSpots. Always live, near you. And as transparent, user-friendly and well-arranged as possible. Why do we do this?

In our opinion, personal growth through learning and teaching, is the most beautiful and meaningful thing there is. You increase your chances in life, your social network and of course your knowledge and skills. That's why we - a team of enthusiastic, determined and inquisitive entrepreneurs - started this platform, to make both learning and teaching as accessible as possible.

Life lang learning for everyone

It is sometimes said: 'to stand still is to regress', we completely agree. As far as we're concerned, you get ahead in life by learning, every day. When continuously developing yourself, you'll not only feel better, you'll also become a nicer and more involved person.

Extra good: the more you learn, the more you have the opportunity to help others. Everyone should therefore have the opportunity to keep learning and to teach, regardless of your budget, age or background.

    Learning live is more effective

    During the pandemic, we massively switched to digital solutions and pre-recorded lessons to keep learning. Convenient, necessary, but also… it turns out to be much less effective. We are tired of just sitting behind a screen. And who do you think can teach you better, a person in front of you or from a screen?

    We are therefore a big proponent of live learning: you learn faster, more effectively and it is also a lot more fun. Our platform is therefore primarily a connecting factor, so that you can then follow live lessons, on location, at the teacher's location or at your home.

      Local offer = more social contact

      Often there is much more possible in your own neighborhood than you think. You just need to know where to look. By showing the local supply and the local demand as clearly as possible, we connect local teachers with their knowledge, talent and skills to everyone who wants to learn.

      Our platform thus helps to get in touch with each other, to maintain contact and, above all, to meet each other 'in real life' to learn together. No one needs to feel alone (anymore) with so many like-minded people around!

        Limitless ambition

        We are also committed to growth ourselves: we start our adventure in The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam and quickly expand to the rest of the Netherlands ánd beyond. This way you can learn and teach anytime, anywhere.

        In terms of the offer courses, lessons and workshops, we are still far from complete - and probably never will be. Are you missing something? Please let us know what you are looking for and in which environment, so that we can find teachers who can help you further!