Tips for teachers

How to make a good profile 

Did you know that a first impression is made whithin a tenth of a second? The blink of an eye is all it takes. By making a good profile, you leave a good impression. Which can lead to people booking your course. This article is here to help you with that proces!

A positive first impression

What is it that people see within a tenth of a second? That could be your kindness, the fact that they can trust you and how capable you are as a teacher. The good neww is: you can easily, positively effect this. You can do this by showing who you are, what you do and why you do it.  We will show you how you can make someone trust you, by choosing a good profile picture, headerpicture, profile bio and a bonus tip! 

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1. Profile picture

Choose a photo where you look happy. Seeing a friendly face comforts people. The picture on the website will be small so choose a picture where its your upper body or just your face. Make sure you look into the camera, this way the student can look you in the eyes.

To draw extra attention to you and your page, involve where you work in the picture. A workshop or a fitness room for example.  

Something else not to forget is the quality, make sure you use a picture with bright and clean colours. And always check the picture before you upload. A part of it may be cut of automatically.

2. Header picture 

The header picture is the one at the top of your page. Do you have something that shows what you do in your course or a former student who is proud of their complishment? This is your uppertunitty to show you and your course/lesson/workshop. This way the student will get to know you.

And always make sure that this photo also is of good quality.

3. Profile bio

This is the place where you can tell something about yourself as a teacher. Talk about your background, what you do. Your level of education and or certificates does not need to be in here.

Make sure your bio consists of the following to answer questions a student might have:

  • Why are you a good teacher?
  • What is your way of teaching?
  • How long have you been teachin?
  • Why did you start teaching?

Don't forget to add personal things aswell. Where do you live, what makes you happy, what do you find important etc. By doing this, a bond can be created between teacher and student.  

Don't make your text too long. Use short sentences, this is more practical.  After a couple lines, add some space or start a new paragraph, this is easier to read. 

Tip: Let us check your profile

Have you added a photo or a bio but are you not sure? Or just a bit stuck in general? Let us know! This way we can help you. Thats what we are here for! 

Is your profile complete? That means its time to make a page for your course/lesson/workshop. To help you with this, we also have a page with tips.