Economics tutor

Are you an economics teacher or tutor who wants to help people learn all the ins and outs about economics? Share your knowledge and motivation on our platform CourseSpots. Here you can decide where and for how much you want to offer your courses, lessons or workshop. Do you want to teach privately or in a group? All is possible!

Lets introduce ourselves:

We are a new, inspiring platform where you can offer your classes, workshops, courses or tutoring sessions, to the people nearby! Teach in a group or private, to beginners or advanced, kids or adults: it is up to you!

Are you an experienced teacher or are you just starting your career: we will make sure that your classes will be seen on our website! Through our platform you can keep in contact with your students and give them homework if needed. Register yourself as a teacher on our platform, decide what you want to offer and make your own prices.

What do we offer you:

  • A free teacher profile on an accessible platform
  • You can make workshops your way!
  • You can decide where, when and to what price you want to offer your class
  • A local reach of interested people
  • Direct contact with interested students- more bookings!
  • A complete system to plan, (get paid for) pay and schedule your classes

You are:

  • An independent teacher with demonstrable experience: You are a freelancer who gets their own profile!
  • Enthusiastic and motivated to share your knowledge and skills.
  • Looking for more students nearby
  • Someone who teaches at home, at the students home on location or online
  • Trustworthy and a good communicator
  • Living or working in or around Rotterdam, Delft or Den Haag.

What's next:

Are you enthusiastic and ready to help students master the art that is called economics? Make your free teacher profile now on and respond to this vacancy. We would love to have you on our platform!

Frequently asked questions
about teaching via CourseSpots

We sometimes get these questions from teachers. Maybe the answers will help you too! Still no luck? Then contact us. We are happy to help! 

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