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You have placed your offer on CourseSpots and you can now be found and booked by potential students. From now on you can wait until your offer is found, but do not forget that the offer is wide, you have to deal with competition and that people sometimes do not know exactly what they are looking for. We have put together a number of things that can increase the findability and thus the visibility of your profile.

Search engines and SEO

CourseSpots is set up in such a way that search engines can easily scan and index all texts. SEO or search engine optimization is something you can also contribute to so that your offer is found even better when someone places a search query in a search engine.

The right keywords in your profile and offer

Make sure your profile and offer contain the right keywords that Google searches for. Also pay attention to combinations of words in the same sentence, such as 'Dutch lessons in Leiden' or 'Cooking workshop in the center of Rotterdam'.


If you share the URL of your profile on various (own) websites, overviews or relevant blogs, this means that search engines will value your profile higher and you will eventually also end up higher in the results.

Social media

CourseSpots uses its own social media channels to inform and inspire people. For example, we regularly publish about interesting activities or highlight teachers.

Submit photos and videos to CourseSpots

If you have nice photos and videos, we invite you to share them with us. We can then process this and include it in various communications to generate extra attention for you. You can send your photos and videos to [email protected]. And don't forget to share our posts about you with your followers! 🙌

Add CourseSpots to your LinkedIn profile

Add CourseSpots as an employer to your Linkedin profile, mention here that you are a teacher and what kind of classes you offer.

Share your own activities on Social Media

Mention on Instagram, FaceBook, Linkedin, YouTube and  TikTok that your lessons and courses can be found on CourseSpots. With this you not only inform your own network, this is also seen by the various search engines and increases your findability. Don't forget to add the link to your offer! 😀

Follow CourseSpots on social media

Follow CourseSpots omn our social media channels and we will follow you and can then share your promotions in our stories.

Reviews and Ratings

Various studies show that online reviews influence purchasing decisions for 93% of consumers. Every student who books and follows a lesson with you can give a rating per lesson, so encourage your students to actually give this up. If you have not yet received a student via CourseSpots, but you already help other students, you can also have them give a rating. They must first book a lesson via You can send them a specific proposal, possibly with a discount.