How to create a group lesson on CourseSpots

Group lessons have a repetitive nature and usually take place at a fixed time during the week or month. The teacher determines the date and time and the content of the lessons. A student can purchase a single lesson, strip card, or subscription that gives him access to the lessons. Several people can register for these group lessons depending on the number of places available.

Create a group lesson

To create a group lesson, first click on "OFFER" in the menu of your teacher dashboard. Then click on Create Offer and then choose the correct lesson format. In that case, group lessons.

You will then be taken through a process of various steps in which you create your group lessons so that they can then also be published.

What do you need to create a group lesson?

You start by filling in the general information of your group lessons:

  1. (sub)categories, level and age
  2. a title of your group lessons
  3. a representative and descriptive photo of the group lessons (royalty-free)
  4. a description of your group lessons

Then you will complete the lessons:

  1. Select the teaching language, duration, and name of the class schedule
  2. Select which period this class schedule is for. (e.g. season 2024-2025)
  3. Enter the teacher, location, number of participants, and start and end date, and click “save”
  4. Select all timeslots during the week when these lessons take place
  5. Add your prices, for example for a single lesson and a strip card, and save.

After you have created the group lesson, it is still in concept and is not yet visible on the website. You must set the lesson to active or publish it.

Add and change additional group lessons

If you give the same activity to different groups at different times and/or days, you can easily add it by clicking on the correct times in the calendar. You can delete a time slot due to holidays or holidays by clicking on the calendar and adjusting it.