How to create a course or workshop on CourseSpots

You have already created a profile and would like to create a course or workshop. In this video we explain how(In Dutch only)

Create a course or workshop

To create a course, first click on 'CLASSES' in the menu of your teacher dashboard. Then click on create offer and then choose the right lesson form. In that case either a course or a workshop.

You will then be taken through a process in which you create your course or workshop and publish in on the platform. You can also temporarily draft your offer and adjust it later if necessary. In any case, to complete the whole process you need:

  • a title of your course or workshop
  • a representative and descriptive photo about the course or workshop
  • a description of your course or workshop
  • dates and times when the activity takes place
  • a location where the lesson takes place (physical Dutch address or online)
  • the price of the course or workshop
  • a Dutch Iban number to which money is deposited in case of a booking.

Do you need inspiration or do you need some help with a good description, read this blog or contact us, we are happy to help you.

After you have filled in all the details, your course or workshop is ready to be published. And if you have the same activity take place several times a year, you can also easily duplicate this.

If the courses you have created are listed on ACTIVE under your offer, it means that your activities can be booked from now on.

Add more activities

You can now add extra courses and workshops. If applicable, you can also add private lessons, coaching or tutoring. This process is slightly different. You can find more information about setting up these activities by clicking on this link