The Social Hub Rotterdam

A place to Learn, to Stay, to Work and to Play

Since 2013, The Student Hotel in Rotterdam Kralingen-Crooswijk has been a place for many students, tourists, entrepreneurs and local residents, a popular place to stay, work, live and study. After the first Student Hotel in Rotterdam, many other hotels followed in Amsterdam, Groningen, Maastricht, but also in other cities in Europe such as Barcelona, ​​Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Florence and Bologna.

A new name for The Student Hotel

A name change took place in October 2022 and The Student Hotel will be called The Social Hub from that moment on. And that is not for nothing. They are not just for students and certainly not just a hotel.
With the new name, The Social Hub wants to put social impact even more central to everything they do. They offer a place, a hub, where a diverse spectrum of cultures, backgrounds, social class, from afar or nearby come together and are connected.

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Activities at The Social Hub Rotterdam

The Social Hub is also a place where a lot of knowledge is shared. Throughout the year, countless activities, workshops and courses take place in Rotterdam Kralingen, organized by and for (international) students, co-workers, industry experts and sometimes by ourselves. Making knowledge available is not only intended for the internal community, but the doors of The Social Hub are open to everyone: Rotterdam (International) students, freelancers, companies, neighbors and associations.

About Course Spots

At CourseSpots, we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to continue developing. Whether it's learning new knowledge or perfecting existing skills, no matter where you're from and what your budget is. CourseSpots mainly focuses on activities that take place live on location and sees learning as a social activity. You will find a wide range of courses, lessons, workshops or other activities in the field of personal development, sports, culture and leisure activities throughout the Netherlands, including in Rotterdam
To unlock the local market and make personal development accessible to everyone, regardless of budget, age or background, CourseSpots is constantly looking for the best and most fun teachers from all over the country.

Collaboration The Social Hub Rotterdam and CourseSpots

The Social Hub and CourseSpots have a similar mission and will join forces locally in Rotterdam. The first step has been to conduct a survey among the current community of students, co-workers and people from the neighbourhood. It immediately became clear that on the one hand there is a great need to undertake weekly activities in the form of workshops and lessons on various subjects. Topics range from personal development, marketing strategies, paint&sip, DJ workshops, Dutch language, boot camp, photography to mindfulness. In addition, there was a great willingness within the community of both students and co-workers to share knowledge and expertise. The motives for this were partly financial, but also mainly because sharing knowledge is also seen as a form of social interaction, people just like it.

The collaboration includes, among other things:

  • Teachers from Rotterdam already active on the CourseSpots platform will share their knowledge and expertise on location of The Social Hub Rotterdam in the form of workshops, private lessons and courses
  • CourseSpots teachers can benefit from attractive rates for rooms and studios and get additonal promotion and direct access to the existing community
  • All activities, workshops and courses organized at The Social Hub are published on an exclusive page of The Social Hub Rotterdam where you can book and pay directly, possibly with a discount for community members.
  • All community members who would like to share their knowledge and expertise can create a profile on CourseSpots for free and will be displayed on The Social Hub page
  • Promotion of all activities that take place at The Social Hub via various channels of both The Social Hub Rotterdam and CourseSpots

We are very much looking forward to this great collaboration to unlock knowledge, expertise and make personal development accessible to everyone, locally and in the neighbourhood, in Rotterdam.