Why follow a make-up workshop?

A make-up workshop is fun because it gives the participants the opportunity to discover and develop their creativity. During the workshop, participants learn how to make up their own face and how to adapt it to different occasions and looks based on the latest trends.

The target group for a make-up workshop are people who are interested in make-up and how they can improve their appearance. This can be for professional makeup artists as well as for people who just like to experiment with makeup. 

During a make-up workshop, participants learn, among other things:

  • How they choose the right makeup products for their skin type and color
  • How they apply different make-up techniques, such as contouring and highlighting
  • How to change their makeup for different occasions, such as a party or a job interview
  • How to remove and reapply their makeup for a touch-up
  • How to make their makeup photogenic for photos or video clips

In short, a make-up workshop is a fun way to learn how to improve your appearance and express your creativity. It is for anyone interested in makeup and how to look your best.

A make-up workshop as a fun event or bachelor party

A make-up workshop is certainly fun to do with friends or as an activity during a bachelor party. It's a fun way to socialize and relax while learning how to improve your appearance.

Together with friends you can try each other's make-up and give tips, and it can also be a good opportunity to discover new make-up products. It's also a fun way to learn and discover something new together.

A make-up workshop as an activity for a bachelorette party can be a fun way to celebrate the last day of being single and laugh and learn together. In addition, it is also a good opportunity to help the bride-to-be look her best for her big day.

It is important to mention that a make-up workshop is not only aimed at making the participants more beautiful, but also at learning techniques and discovering self-confidence in themselves and their appearance.

On the Spot: Make-up workshop in Rotterdam

CourseSpots visited a make-up workshop by Ria in Rotterdam. She offers various workshops throughout the Netherlands, including workshops for basic make-up, business make-up, smokey eyes.  In addition, she is also regularly booked for girlfriends outings or bachelor parties. Her core values ​​(fun - educational - organized down to the last detail - passion for beauty jumps out - Let you shine!) were also clearly apparent during our visit to the salon in Rotterdam.

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