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About me

A Timeline full of teaching in Water experience obtained in different geolocations across the America’s.

I use a toolbox of augmented observation techniques and applied neuroplasticity scores gained over 45 years of teaching swimming to people afraid in water andproviding “ One on One “ sessions to athletes and sense impaired exploring and helping to solidify their next step.

In every culture the meaning of water is colored different and swimming skills are transmitted uniquely from gestation on. What seem universal is an innate feeling of belonging when submerged.

It this State I seek myself and from which learning happens naturally. Excite, aquatic survival and direct response form part of skill acquirement as well.

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Education & Experience


- Secondary Education VWO Hoogveld College, Rosmalen
- Propedeuse Year of Vrije Hoge School (Driebergen ) (1 year )
- University of Amsterdam, Business Administration/Economy (BA ) ( The Netherlands ) ( 2.5 year )
- Sonoma State University and Sierra University ( California ) BA in Communication specializing in Video,
non verbal Communication and Investigative Journalism ) ( 4 years )
- Bay Area Video Coalition, San Francisco CA( 3 years )
- Berkeley University CA : Life Guarding Skil


Providing Water Education to Thousands of Costa Ricans and Foreigners over a period of 35 years. In 1996 I received permission from Nationale Raad ZwemDiplomas to prepare and certify in Zwem ABC and perform Diploma Zwemmen Certification to Dutch children in Costa Rica.