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This is a tailor-made one-on-one private guitar lesson for all ages and levels. The lesson is given in English.

I am a Jazz guitar graduate from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague specialized in Jazz and Brazilian music but also love different kinds of music: from Classical, Indie, Pop to Rock and more. So I will be able to teach you these styles as well.

Every person needs different help. Some need left hand technique, some need right hand technique. Therefore I do not work with a fixed program.
But in general, it will be by watching how the student plays, giving direction, showing what I think he/she needs to improve, showing knowledge, giving exercises, playing together.

The materials students need also depend on the individual. For example: a student who doesn't know how to read notes will need material to improve their reading skill.
If he/she can read a bit of easy written melody, he can start a book as Reading Studies For Guitar. If he/she has an intermediate level of reading, he/she can start with Kreutzer 42 violin studies or Caprices.
But if he/she reads everything well, but can't read it when the notes are written as a harmony then he will need another.

Moreover, even just to improve the skill, I don't think a student should just follow a book without any thought or passion of the book he/she is going to play.
It's important to use something that the student has passion for or likes. And all these depend on individual students.

After following these classes students will be able (have the knowledge) to improvise over tunes, have their guitar technique built, be able to read music, and have a mature mindset to be a musician, etc.

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