Carmen Gloria

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About me

Hi, Name is Carmen Gloria and my nick name is Yoya. I was born in Chile, I grew up in USA and now I live in the Nederland. I have been all my life an ESL student (English as a second language) and learning new languages is been my passion. I have teaching credential from the State of California, I also study in Chile to become a teacher of English and Spanish. I have knowledge of Universal history, different societies, art, classical music and many topics for a fun conversation in English or Spanish. Now, if you need help with your homework or your children’s or just want to learn another language and travel the world, I can help you. Today knowing English is a must but have you wonder about North, Central and South America? They speak mostly Spanish, English and Portuguese. Each country has so much culture, food and fun things to discovered that you will be amazed.
I have got strategies and methodologies that will help you learn at your own speed and way and if you need extra or special material, I will designed for you because I am a professional in languages and I have experience on students all ages from very little to adults all ages. Moreover, because I know how difficult is to learn another language.
I can tell you that my hobbies are cooking, reading, sailing, travelling, gardening and volunteering to help people in need. Are you ready for a class?

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